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A highly skilled professional team that is always here for you throughout the process from start to finish.

Space Planning

All types of space planning to make every centimeter count to make sure that you can make the most of your space.

Modular Services

Technology integrated solutions for both your home and commercial spaces. State of the art interiors that suit all budgets.

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for all of our services

With SB Interior, you get an unparalleled service that ensures superior interior experience. The work we do makes a huge difference in the final outcome of your design which makes us stand apart from others in the competition. We learn fast and delivery even quicker while maintained superlative standards of quality. 

Residential Interior Designers In Hyderabad

Why Choose Us as The Best Residential Interior Designers in Hyderabad

We cover the entire detail of your home’s interior design. From the right furnishings and fabrics to a vast array of interior décor items, exquisite chandeliers to modular and utilitarian wardrobes, we make sure that everything has a touch of you within. Being a leading residential interior designer in Hyderabad, we combine experience, expertise and innovation to give you a signature style.

Commercial Interior Designers In Hyderabad

Why Choose Us as The Best Commercial Interior Designers in Hyderabad

Through proven design strategies, we come up with a solution that is precisely curated on all fronts. For even the most complicated commercial requirements, we have the ability to manage all the fundamentals. Timely R&D allows us to evaluate new materials to provide a service that lasts for generations to come. We adhere to the highest standards of quality throughout the entire process of service.

Office Interior Designers In Hyderabad

While designing your office spaces, we also design innovations that are vital to the success of your goals. Our designers will pay close attention to the comfort and performance of your employees and other clientele to envision a space such that it supports their goals and objectives mutually benefiting all who occupy the space. With a design that embodies sophistication and urbanity, we will offer a space that is highly crafted for the nature of your business.

Commercial Projects

With contemporary architecture and modern exterior and interior design, your visitors, employees or other clientele will be left feeling awestruck. Our design experts will give you something that is quirky and bespoke. We will provide everything from furniture procurement, to mechanical and electrical work, technology integration, flooring and more.

Pocket-friendly Services

At SB Interior, we believe that it is about time to change the perception of interior designing. Unlike its sterotype, full-scale interior designing can be availed by the average Joe. Whether it is small scale renovations you crave or a full-scale project, we have affordable prices for all our services.

Huge Expertise

SB Interior is equipped to fully personalize a vast area of concerns including sleek modular kitchens, signature walls and wallpapers to flaunt your style, serene bedrooms, stunning bathrooms, wash areas, wide-range of electrical and personalized furniture to spruce up your space.

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