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We are a team of specialists capable of offering you a unique quality of life through design that directly nourishes your soul. As a leader amongst interior decorates in Hyderabad, we create highly bespoke solutions that embody our clients. With several years of experience, we are driven through a collaborative design spirit to create the most avant-garde spaces. SB Interior provides complete design services including with design services to installation and even detailing of the minutest details.

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Our basis of design is that we all have a story and that your space is a great way of narrating that. Before we design your space, we want to hear your story; the one that you want to speak eloquently through conceptualized design and bespoke elements that embodies the deepest of your spirits.


It is in the nature of our work to produce design work that really cares about how you feel. We want you to offer you a space that is celebrated in every entrance which is highly intuitive, refreshing and cozy.


Allow us to unveil your personality to the world. Contact us to get exclusive consultation on your next saga.

What is your story?

The first step begins through dialogue. We will hear your story and determine the functional and aesthetics needs of what you want so that we can reach your expectations.

Let’s build strategy

The work begins as we sit our team and discuss space planning and conceptualizing your dream. We will bring all our resources together to give you the best.

Time to design

Using our strong foothold in technology, we will provide you with detailed drawings and renditions of your dream plan. Don’t like it? We’ll change it. As many times as you need.

Getting to work!

The work finally begins as we visualize your dream by executing timely operations so that you have your space back at the earliest.

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“Your Home Should Tell The Story Of Who You Are And Be A Collection Of What You Love”

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