High glossy laminate or Acrylic laminate? which is better?

High gloss and acrylic laminate are the most popular finishing materials. Now the question arises is like which one would be the best choice. Let’s see the meaning along with the pros and cons for these two and get the conclusion.

High Gloss Laminates

High gloss laminate is one of the types of laminates. An artificial, multilayered material made by pressing thin layers of plastic resins and flat papers. Colours and decorative patterns are printed on the top layer of the laminate. The high gloss laminates do give an appearance similar to acrylic, but they are not the same.


  • Heat resistant, sturdy, and can bear wear and tear.
  • Cost effective and budget friendly.
  • Available in a wide range of solid colours, patterns, textures including metallic and wood look-alike finishes.


  • Regular maintenance as its surface will typically show foot prints and finger prints easily due to the oils in your skin.
  • Not recommended for heavy use, though it is durable.
  • Can cause minimal amounts of off-gassing.

Acrylic Laminates

Acrylic is a transparent plastic material pasted on the MDF board and sealed with a protective layer to give a elegant and stylish finish. It exhibits glass-like qualities, clarity, brilliance, and transparency.


  • Glossy look and keeps the sheen for years.
  • High reflective as compared to glossy laminates.
  • Durable and hard-wearing.
  • Recommended for heavy use.
  • Super glossy, sophisticated appearance as compared to a laminate.
  • Acrylic laminates are waterproof.
  • Considered to be non-toxic.


  • More expensive as compared to glossy laminates.
  • Shades might differentiate on paper and reality.
  • Dirt, stains and fingerprints are easily visible on the glossy surface of acrylic.

What is the best choice?

The answer relies upon your budget, use and taste. If you are in a tight budget then go for High glossy laminates. Whereas we recommend for hybrid decision which is like choose high glossy laminates for the lower cabinets and use acrylic for the upper cabinets to make more attractive. If you still feel confused and need help making these all important decor decisions then connect with the professional like us, and we will help you with the right decision.

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