Choosing the Right Approach for Your Interior Project: 3 Paths to Success

Embarking on an interior project is an exciting endeavor, but choosing the right approach can be a daunting task. We’ve outlined three distinct paths to help you navigate through the process and achieve the results you desire. Each option comes with its own set of pros and cons, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your project.

1. Collaborative Design & Contracting:

Engage a skilled designer to envision your space. Once the drawings are complete, gather quotes from various contractors and proceed with the selected one. This method allows for a tailored design but requires meticulous coordination.


  • Customized design to suit your preferences.
  • Opportunity to negotiate pricing with different contractors.


  • May involve complex project management.
  • Potential delays due to multiple entities.

2. End-to-End Contracting:

Share your layout and requirements with an agency that handles everything, from design to execution. This approach offers convenience and a seamless experience.


  • Single point of contact for design and execution.
  • Streamlined communication and project management.


  • Limited flexibility in design adjustments.
  • May be perceived as less personalized.

3. Design-Driven Selection:

Select a designer for creative input and choose individual agencies for various project components. This method offers design flexibility and allows you to curate the execution process.


  • Diverse expertise for each aspect of the project.
  • Greater freedom to explore unique design ideas.


  • Requires extensive research and coordination.
  • Potential inconsistencies in design execution.

4. Trusted Company, Design-First Approach:

Opt for a reliable company that offers a design-first approach. Begin with a quote, finalize the initial amount, and proceed with the design process, ensuring alignment before execution.


  • Assurance of quality from a reputable company.
  • Design approval before committing to the project.


  • Limited scope for price negotiation.
  • May involve a longer timeline for design approval.

In Conclusion:

Each approach offers a unique path towards achieving your interior project goals. Consider your priorities – be it design customization, convenience, or trusted expertise – to make an informed decision. At SB Interior Solutions, we pride ourselves in offering end-to-end solutions that balance creativity, functionality, and seamless execution. Contact us today to explore which approach best suits your project and turn your vision into reality.

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