Modular vs Semi Modular v/s Custom Made at Site… which is best ?

Your neighbours installed a sleek and sophisticated modular interior. Whereas you adore the way it looks, you don’t know whether it would be advancement over a conventional, custom-made one. Nearly every homeowner has confronted the situation of a modular vs. semi-modular vs. custom-made interior.

These days, everyone is enjoying modular interiors because of their ease of use. Despite its many advantages, the modular interiors sector has both pros and downsides that can’t be communicated by a traditional carpenter or technician; it can only be discussed by an expert who has worked in it for a long time. SB Interior Solutions is well-versed in the modular, semi-modular, and custom-made-on-site interior design.

Modular Interior

A modular interior may appear to be the newest trend on the market, but it comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. You’ll figure out what you need for your home and how to make the most of a little space. Is there anything else you’d like to know?


  • The smooth development and format of the modular interior gives your home a neat look.
  • There’s no stretch of custom-made working and making a mess at home, since everything is made within the manufacturing plant and only assembled at the site.
  • Cost remains genuine to estimate; given there are no significant changes to plan.


  • Let’s confront it, building a modular interior might leave a hole in your pocket, since quality always comes at a price.
  • The use of engineered wood has received some flak from some critics.
  • Keeping up glossy or matte finished will require a few levels of exertion.
  • Sometimes you might like something on paper but not in reality. Ensure your architect gives you an exact picture of the genuine design

Semi-Modular Interior

A semi-modular interior is one that is created around an existing structure. A handful of its components have already been built, and the rest will be built by specialists on-site. A semi-modular interior, to put it simply, is a mix of modular and custom-made interiors.


  • Semi-modular interior is cheaper than modular ones and hence it is budget friendly.
  • In case a particular unit needs repairs, it can be effortlessly done without exasperating the rest of the units.
  • With detachable units and fittings, cleaning and maintenance don’t appear to be quite a task.
  • It is sleek, advanced, and hence brings a contemporary look to your home.
  • It is amazingly flexible and comes in a wide range of sizes, colours, and finishes.
  • Semi-Modular interior has designated space for everything and thus it gives more capacity space and way better workflow.


  • In numerous cases, each cabinet offers its sides with the connecting cabinets. So, repairing or settling issues that are particular to a single unit gets precarious.
  • Some accessories that come in standard sizes cannot fit in space after civil work.
  • As civil structures are already laid, establishment gets to be a time-consuming and challenging assignment.

Custom made at site

Knowing what a custom-made interior is, it’s also important to understand the benefits and drawbacks. Do you understand that all your labour is done by human hands, increasing the chances of errors?


  • Being an age-old strategy interior, typically a more relatable method.
  • It is less demanding to play around with the budget since this is often more adaptable with estimating.
  • You can inquire for custom alternatives or changes since we’ll do all the work in front of you.


  • Since everything is done by hand and in front of you, quality and finish are critical when it comes to custom-made.
  • The interior is also permanently fixed with the custom-made. As a result, you are unable to deconstruct the interior. As an outcome, you’ll have to leave everything behind if you’re moving.
  • Custom-made prices are always changing.
  • It can be difficult to persuade them to design something that is currently trendy.
  • A custom-made interior is created from the ground up, from design to completion.
  • You won’t be able to get machine-techniques like edge banding if you go with custom-made.

What is the best choice?

After reading this, one can reasonably conclude that in a comparison of modular vs semi-modular vs custom-made interior. if your home has an existing structure, a semi-modular interior is an excellent choice. To acquire a clearer idea, consult a designer and experts.

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